Photo of the author, her mom, and her little sister.

Me in the middle with my mom and little sister on either side.

About Me:

Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Teegan Purrington, and I’m a chimera of different interests and hobbies. I work full time as a microbiologist in food safety, and write and create art in my spare time. I like a plethora of different things. I like gardening, fuzzy blankets, and martial arts. I read fantasy books and watch action movies. As for science, my love is botany and zoology, but I like just about all of the sciences. Geology and meteorology have always fascinated me, and chemistry plays a part in some of my magic systems of my world.

I’ve been writing stories most my life, but have been writing more consistently for the last nine years. I write speculative fiction (fantasy), and have written 4 rough novels, along with countless short stories. I am not yet published, but I aim for it, and spend my free time honing my craft. I have a lot to learn, but it’s a process I am enjoying immensely.

I love fantasy and the far fields of the imagination, and I explore the possibilities of interwoven science in an attempt to explain some of the unreal in my writing. But I also love the existing world that God created, and exploring it through using it to create new things is a joy.

For more on my artistic ventures, you can visit my art blog, ZephyrCat’s Art Journal. There I share my current projects and their processes. I occasionally sell my art in my Etsy shop, ZephyrCatArt.

About Chimera Muses:

Chimera Muses is a place to clarify my thoughts, to pull them all together and find some coherence in the jumble of my mind. I find that writing out my thoughts helps them become more solid and clear. My hope in sharing them on my blog is that it will not only give me more incentive to write them (and polish them to a presentable level which will also help my writing skills), but that I can also connect with others with similar interests.

Writing is a form of communication, a connection. I hope to connect with others who have had similar (or contrasting) experiences, or to offer possible answers to questions people have wondered–or to initiate new ones. I certainly have a lot of questions! I strive to begin a dialogue with hopes that you will join me.

Chimera Oil Painting

As with most art classes, we were required to paint a self portrait. But we could put anything else in the picture we wanted. Thus, the chimera on my shoulder.

Why a Chimera?

Aside from the Greek mythological beast, the Collins English Dictionary defines Chimera as:

  • A fabulous beast made up of parts taken from various animals
  • A wild and unrealistic dream or notion
  • An organism consisting of at least two genetically different kinds of tissue.

Less literally, I find myself to be a chimera. I am a person made up of different interests, dreams, and passions. I love to write, I love to create artistic things, and I love science. I love God. My family, and friends. I love to travel and want to see more of the world. And I have the wild dream of being a published author of the stories I have been writing for years. All of these different pieces play in to who I am, much like the different parts of a chimera make that creature unique. And I believe everyone is a chimera of sorts. It’s what makes us interesting, unique people. We can take those different parts of ourselves, and combine them in new and interesting ways, like I try to do in my writing.

So much of fantasy writing and worldbuilding is taking pieces of the existing world and putting them together in new ways, much like the mythological chimera creature concept of taking traits of different beasts and combining them into one animal. A dragon is a combination of a lizard and bat wings. A unicorn is a combination of a horse plus an antelope horn. Aside from the fantasy context, some of the best inventions are simply combining things in new ways.

Plus, I’ve always been strangely attracted to chimeras. Not particularly the Greek Chimera, but strange animals in general.

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